Silver Bee Earrings

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sterling silver oxidised bees bee hoop earrings lilygriffin jewellery nz
sterling silver oxidised bees bee hoop earrings lily griffin jewelry nz
sterling silver bees bee hoop earrings lilygriffin handmade jewellery nz

Bees are responsible for pollinating about 75% of the world's fruit, vegetables and berries.  Unfortunately bee populations around the world are declining due to pesticides, loss of habitat and pollution.  You can do your part in your area by planting bee-friendly flowers and plants, and finding natural alternatives to deter garden pests like aphids.  For those who are keen, with the right garden conditions, you can even keep a hive on your property!  (please check your council's rules and regulations first). 

My little silver bees are made from sterling silver (10mm x 8mm) with hand carved detail on their bodies and stars on their wings. Hanging from sterling silver hoops approximately 14mm in diameter.  Available on sterling silver ear hooks- please enquire. 

View matching Silver Bee Necklace. 


Please note:

Lilygriffin jewellery is dainty and delicate, so care must be taken when wearing and storing it.  

Please do not wear while exercising, swimming, gardening, showering, cleaning or sleeping.  Store in a soft protective pouch or box out of direct sunlight and away from moisture, excessive heat or cold.  Please do not store in the bathroom.  Avoid contact with household chemicals, perfumes, creams, and hairspray/gels.

I would be delighted if you wanted to wear my jewellery everyday, but please be aware that you will be able to enjoy your handpainted and 24k gold embellished pieces longer if they are not worn on a day to day basis.

For cleaning tips:

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