Kereru Feather Earrings

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kereru feather green blue koru white sterling silver nz earrings lily griffin
kereru feather green blue koru white silver native nz jewellery lilygriffin
feathers kereru bird green blue white koru  earring worn nz jewellery handmade

New Zealand's native Kereru (New Zealand Wood Pigeon) wear white plumage `vests'.  The rest of their feathers are brilliantly rainbow coloured in green, blue, purple, orange and gold iridescent hues.  Kereru make a distinctive heavy wing beating sound as they fly through New Zealand forests, foraging for native berries.

Sterling silver feathers (3cm long), handpainted with iridescent porcelain paint in greens and blues, with a white curling koru.  Hanging from sterling silver earhooks. 

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Please note:

Lilygriffin jewellery is dainty and delicate, so care must be taken when wearing and storing it.  

Please do not wear while exercising, swimming, gardening, showering, cleaning or sleeping.  Store in a soft protective pouch or box out of direct sunlight and away from moisture, excessive heat or cold.  Please do not store in the bathroom.  Avoid contact with household chemicals, perfumes, creams, and hairspray/gels.

I would be delighted if you wanted to wear my jewellery everyday, but please be aware that you will be able to enjoy your handpainted and 24k gold embellished pieces longer if they are not worn on a day to day basis.

For cleaning tips:

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